The Economics of Happiness is a project of the International Society for Ecology and Culture (ISEC). We made the film to strengthen and promote the worldwide movement for economic localization. Below you will find ideas and links to other resources that will help you take action and join the movement for economic change.


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If economic localization is to grow into a formidable movement, millions more need to be enrolled in the cause. There is an urgent need to raise awareness about the root causes of the crises we face, to build ever-broader alliances to resist corporate power, and to demonstrate how localization can help solve many of our most pressing challenges. Education is an important part of the change.

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For a deeper, more systemic analysis, find out about The Economics of Happiness study materials (the ‘Roots of Change’ curriculum) - learn more HERE.


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Whether it’s an informal community group, neighborhood council, local business alliance, farmers’ movement, food policy council, Transition Initiative, Common Security Club, federation of cooperatives, or another group, there’s no shortage of opportunities to get organized and take back the economy! CLICK HERE to find an active group near you or to learn how to start your own.

Check our list of localization organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area


Create the New Economy - Generate alternatives

Across the world, millions of people are engaged in the urgent but joyful and enriching process of rebuilding their local economies from the ground up.

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Change Policies - Become a policy changer

We cannot afford to leave the economy to the same ‘experts’ or policy makers that continually promote corporate interests over the needs of everyday people and the planet. The Economics of Happiness argues for a systemic shift in direction – from globalization to localization – as a powerful strategy to help solve our most pressing social, ecological and economic crises. This will require policy changes at the community, national, and international levels.

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Our Partners

Our Partners, from the Post Carbon Institute to Yes! Magazine to Navdanya, are doing incredible work across the globe. Our partners are focused on several key metropolitan areas: Seattle, Berkeley, Portland, Toronto, New York City, Dublin, and New Delhi.

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